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Asbestos removal in Australia, Brisbane

-In Australia, a household can legally remove asbestos from their property. But it is highly recommended that a professional licensed should be hire to remove it. There are number of professionals who are available and a list of them can also be easily got from the Service Provider Directory at the Work safe Victoria website.

  • While choosing a professional, do not only consider the factor of price, as who are offering low price may be not much expert in removing asbestos, same as who are charging more, does not have any guarantee. 
  • The most important factor which should be considered is the work and the perfection, as it can only be perform by the professionals.
  • In Brisbane,the law dictates asbestos must be disposed of in a spot that is designated by the local Council.

Reasons for hiring an asbestos removal company

  • If you are considering disposing of asbestos yourself, consider this: is saving a few dollars worth risking your long-term health? A professional business, like a Brisbane removal company, has the tools and the gear necessary to safely dispose of asbestos. -They know precisely how to handle the toxic material to keep safety at a maximum. Better still, they can dispose of it for you, meaning that you don't have to worry about finding an approved spot or getting the right packaging to transport it safely. 
  • It only makes sense to contract a professional removal company to remove the asbestos if you consider thehealth risks involved plus the complexity of removing the asbestos.The health risks far outweigh the financial benefits of removing asbestos yourself.

Basis to evaluate an asbestos removal company

  • It is better to hire a removal company which is licensed and has good experience as well. Asbestos removal or any contact with it should be performed by trained and qualified professionals who know what they are doing because it is a very important and potentially dangerous procedure.

  • The professional you chose should have certifications and diplomas, which can also be verified before the particular company or individual, start their work. The Federal government nowadays has started different training courses for the asbestos removal professionals. 

  • The company should be updated with the latest techniques and technologies available.

Costs involved in hiring an asbestos removal company

  • Although asbestos removal may seem to be expensive, the actual costs normally depend on the location, total size of the building, and the number of asbestos containing materials that are to be removed. But present estimates run between $300 and $2000 to have professional job done.

  • If a house contains asbestos in its pipes, roof, room partitions, floors or ceilings, complete removal may cost around $3 per square-feet.
  • To reduce removal costs, it would be better off using the services of an asbestos inspection report professional to do a pre-removal inspection of the house. This professional should be able to tell you whether there's the presence of any toxic asbestos, and whether it poses any health risk. The main purpose of such an inspection is to help you lower the removal costs that may arise by eliminating any unnecessary removal work.

The best procedure to follow when hiring

  • When contracting the removal job, it is always better to hire two different asbestos removal Companies in Brisbane or its suburbs; the first one to carry out a pre-removal inspection of the house and a second one to handle all the removal work. The inspection company is supposed to carry out the inspection before the physical removal and then carry out another after the asbestos has been eliminated. Using a single company to handle both the inspection and the actual removal may result in conflict of interest. 
  • The second inspection after the asbestos removal should be properly documented and should include an analysis of the samples collected. An asbestos inspection report should be prepared and should include reports from regular visits made to the property where the removal is being done to ensure that everything went according to plan.
  • In addition, one should make sure that the removal company provides written evidence that clearly shows that the essential state and federal rules and regulations were followed. 
  • It is also important to ensure that visible warning signs or posters are placed around the removal area to prevent people from wandering off into a zone where they're likely to unknowingly inhale the harmful fibers.

Finally, going with the trained asbestos removal companies always helps you to avoid the risk of property damages. This service providers will be helping you protect your life and sustain your life pleasurably. Apart from ensuring workplace safety requirements are met, they provide quality removal services that exceed your expectations.


Pro Asbestos Removal Brisbane ( Co. is a famous local Brisbane company that has specialized in the removal as well as safe disposal of asbestos for the homeowners who need these services. When you do hire us, you should understand that you would always be sure of getting the best services that would improve safety as well as cleanliness of your residential or commercial property. We are licensed by Queensland Government and have the Queensland Building License number of BSA 342389.

We often follow strict health & safety guidelines set out by the HSA Australia and offer friendly and personal cleaning services. We will always offer recommendations and Professional advice that would enable you get the best services. We have affordable and cost effective solutions.

What are the services we offer?

  • Licensed Asbestos Removalists

We have experience and will always offer the Asbestos removal services that you would need whenever you need to improve the safety of your commercial or residential property. Through this, we have acquired a high reputation when you need the best services in the entire city. 

  • Disposal in only Approved Council dumping and waste sites

We understand and know the benefits of doing our disposals in only Approved Council dumping and waste sites when trying to improve the safety of the environment for those people who need our services. We will always ensure that you do get the best services without having to break the rules and regulations that most companies often commit when trying to offer these Asbestos removal services. 

  • Testing and Analysis

When you hire our Asbestos removal services, we will ensure that we test and analyze the services that we offer before we can be in a position to offer some of the best services within the city of Australia. Through this, we have acquired a high reputation in terms of the kind of services that we offer for the people who need them within the city of Australia. 

  • Roof and Gutter replacement

When you need Roof and Gutter replacement services, we will always be there ready to offer excellent services that you would need to improve the looks of your home easily. 

  • Asbestos Cladding

When you have asbestos in your commercial or residential property, we will always be there ready to offer you the services that you need. This has enabled us to be among the best companies in the market. 

Service Locations

  • Brisbane Northside
  • Toowoomba
  • Ipswich
  • Brisbane Southside
  • West Suburbs
  • Sunshine Coast
  • Gold Coast

In conclusion, when you need a company that has specialized in asbestos removal, Pro Asbestos Removal Co. will be there ready to offer you these services. 

How to Find an Expert Asbestos Removal Company in Brisbane: Perfect Guide!

Removing asbestos from a home or commercial building is a major undertaking therefore be sure to properly arm yourself with asbestos removal tips before making any reap. All through Australia, asbestos roofing is now considered quite an unsafe procedure and a lot of people are concerned about the possible hazards, which is why the asbestos removal is becoming a popular roofing service. Getting a proper survey done and finding that you have asbestos containing materials in your home or factory can be quite stressful. Not only is asbestos considered dangerous, it can also be fatal as well. It is commonly known to cause cancer as well as a variety of other ailments which basically restricts the quality of life a person can enjoy. In case you are planning to have an asbestos removal in Brisbane, professionalism is key in finding the best company to do the job. 

For asbestos re-roofing services, you need a contractor from that can give a detailed explanation of everything about asbestos roofing, the dangers and also the reason as to why it is vital to replace the hazardous materials with better and safer roofing ones such as Colorbond roofing or tiles.

That said, let’s look at the things to consider when choosing a professional company for asbestos removal in Australia.

Helpful Tips in Finding the Best Professional Asbestos Removal Company

  • A license is a must

Once you embark on the process of choosing a professional asbestos removal company, remember that a license is very crucial. All the professionals registered with Asbestos removal have been fully licensed by the respective government agencies. So always ask for the license.

  • Good Training Records

Depending on the nature of asbestos removal operation you want done, it may require more than just one professional. In case it is your small apartment where you want the removal operation done, a single person will be enough. But in case an entire factory or substantial sized organization, you will definitely require more than a pair of hands. Ensure that you get to see the training records as well as licenses of all the staff that will be on the site during this operation.

  • Disposing of Waste

As a patriotic citizen of the country, it is your duty to hire a company which is serious about properly and legally disposing the waste in your home or factory. As such a good professional must understand the importance of properly disposing the asbestos wastes from clients’ location and ensure that they have the proper documents to show after the exercise. 

  • Cost of Removal

Prices between asbestos removals among companies will differ widely therefore get a several cost quotations to make your choice. But remember prices should not be the only standard used in determining which company to hire for the job. 

  • Previous Experience

The home asbestos removal contractors or companies that you should be taking a look at should have been in the same job of removing asbestos for not less than a few years. Enquire for telephone numbers of previous clients who they have worked with so that you will be in a position to call them and find out if the job was safely carried out. When talking with prior customers, ensure that the workers followed the expected safety measures such as sealing off any work area, placing all the contaminated asbestos debris into their special sealed bags and also placing the sealed bags into their special storage bins for hauling to the waste disposal area. What’s more, the workers must have never entered some other part of the home while dressed in their usual work garments as this can cause dust particles on their clothes become airborne, which can be very dangerous to your health. Take caution!

Search the internet and look for each company’s profile and ratings on yellow pages. The rating of each company will give you a chance of getting a fairly good impression of which contractors are doing their jobs best. Ensure there are no complaints registered against the company since this will raise a red flag. In case the company has been in operation for quite a number of years, offers a decent price, has excellent testimonials as well as good rating, then you have definitely discovered someone you can do business with.

Bottom Line

Well, there you have it. The best guide for those looking for a professional company to do asbestos removal. Remember that when contracting, it’s advisable to get everything into writing. This is a good way to protect yourself in the event of a disagreement. Pay half the price to keep up the control of the exercise. Overall, following these tips you will be in a position to get the best companies for asbestos removal and escape all the health effects. Choose perfectly!

Things to consider when replacing your Asbestos roof - Brisbane Asbestos Advice

Most of the homes that were built in the 1980s are likely to have been constructed using asbestos product. Brisbane Asbestos can be found in corrugated asbestos cement roofing, guttering, roof shingles, insulation in the roof cavity as well as downpipes. If roof cladding is made from asbestos product, the roof cavity may be contaminated during the removal process. In case there is an existing insulation, replacement is highly recommended due to asbestos contamination. Here are the things to consider when replacing your asbestos roof.

Hire a licensed contractor

Contractors are well equipped to replace asbestos roofs. The health risks associated with handling of asbestos are minimized when handled by licensed professionals. Pro Asbestos Removal Brisbane's ( professionals will not only replace your roofs but also trained on the packaging, transport and disposal of this type of material.

Seeking Approval from Authorities

You will need to contact your local council’s building and planning departments for approval of your demolition or renovation activities. You also need to seek a permit for someone to remove asbestos product from your property. The local authorities are responsible for:

  • Transport of asbestos material
  • Disposal of asbestos material in a private or public land
  • Storage of asbestos material on a residential area

Strip and re-sheet techniques

This technique is most suitable for roofs that are made from fiber cement comprising asbestos. Such roofs are normally vulnerable to cracks and need to be replaced with coated steel sheeting. The fixings used to repair it may be corroded with time. This technique allows the removal of damaged asbestos and replacement of durable steel sheeting. 


Coatings techniques

This technique is an ideal option for making emergency repairs on your roofing. Coating is applied on areas that may have cracks and leaks so as to improve proofing and leaks on the roofs. It does not offer a long-term solution to the problem though, but can be useful in case of emergency.

Fiber Cement Replacement

This is another useful technique of completely replacing asbestos roof. Cement is environmentally friendly and durability is guaranteed. In addition, it offers a cost-effective alternative which provide the best insulation for the building.

Safe handling of asbestos at home

If you have asbestos material at your home, do not touch or disturb it. It may produce dust containing asbestos fibers that poses health risks. You should always remember the following when dealing with asbestos:

  • Always keep the material wet to minimize dust
  • The material should be tested in accredited laboratory to confirm the presence of asbestos
  • Asbestos products should be kept in the garden where they can easily be broken
  • Do not walk on corrugated asbestos cement roof to avoid the risk of falling

In a nutshell, replacement of asbestos roof is best handled by a licensed contractor. This is due to the dangerous health risks associated with handling of asbestos. Safety practices must be adhered to. If you must handle asbestos, you are advised to wear disposable personal protective equipment. It is prudent to refer to the local authorities for the proper transportation and disposal of the material.